Know your online customer

Face-to-Face interviewing is limited, complicated, slow and most importantly - does not really allow you to know who is your customer integrates ID Verification, Identity Validation, Financial Status, Remote Enhanced Due Diligence including source of funds, Online Tracking, Social Network, and Document Verification to provide a comprehensive solution for establishing consumers' real-world identities. We use cutting-edge technology such as Big Data, the Dark Web, and biometrics. Remote verification, facial recognition, AI, machine learning, social media footprints. assists financial institutes in meeting KYC and AML regulatory compliance requirements, reducing fraud, and providing a safe, secure, and painless customer experience.


Remote Onboarding

We enable Account Opening from anywhere by utilizing innovative technology that produces far more accurate and efficient results than an on-site interview and manual document verification.

Automated Customer Status

Big Data, the Dark Web, and Social Media all keep an eye on your customer's network. This enables us to give frequent checks to Financial Institutions and inform them to risk developments as well as new business and marketing opportunities.

Real Time Remote Identification

Whether you need security, AML, or fraud detection, our system employs video calls, remote fingerprints, and facial recognition, among other characteristics, to achieve 100% accuracy in remotely identifying the person.

Regulator Friendly

While you may regard the Regulators as "the enemy," we regard them as allies. It is our responsibility to allay their anxieties, meet their needs, and provide the reassurance they require.

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The first Online KYC Technology in the world (1998)

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Verify People
Verify People

Verifying and validating whois really behind a social media nickname, profile, email, phone number, address, company, domain name, instant messaging user. (1999)

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We use Big Data and Social Media analysts tools to modernize the credit score with more accurate and evident data. (1998)

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  • Finance

    "Verify customer identity and meet AML/KYC requirements while improving remote account opening completion rates."


  • Sharing economy

    "Foster trust and safety in peer-to-peer marketplaces by validating the authenticity of the user’s identity."

    Sharing economy

  • Retailers

    "Reduce friendly fraud by revealing the true identity of the person on the other end of the transaction."


  • Airlines and travel

    "Streamline data capture for convenience across the traveler’s journey."

    Airlines and travel

  • Online and social gaming

    "Ensure age and geographic jurisdiction requirements are met and deliver a frictionless onboarding process."

    Online and social gaming

  • Telcos

    "Enable quicker subscription origination, seamlessly verify customer identity to prevent fraud, and meet compliance requirements to verify subscriber identity."